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Customer Testimonials

Love It

"Love it. Thanks for all your hard work. "

Susan Park - Lansing

The Best Thing We Could Have Done

"The inside of our garage was a disaster before we had the Monkey Bars storage system installed. We even had difficulty opening..."

Susan & Jeff E - Lansing, MI

Superb Product

"Mike George has transformed our garage with his superb product.  He is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him to every..."

Larry P - Lansing, MI

Everything Off The Ground

"Thank you very much once again for installing the Monkey Bars garage storage system for my family and I. Everything is off the..."

Todd W. - Marshall, MI

More Room

"We are impressed with the amount of room we have in our garage now. Mike did a great job on our garage! "

Jim R - Kalamazoo, MI

The Strongest Garage Shelving Available

We provide excellent garage shelving Lansing families love. Our shelving racks are stronger than any other shelving rack out there.

Product Features:

  • Rack Extensions: Our shelving system offers rack extensions for those who have lots of items to store up and out of the way
  • 12-inch extensions: Our shelves come in 12-inch extensions for thinner boxes.
  • 24-inch extensions: Garage shelving in Lansing also provides 24-inch shelves for thicker boxes and bins.

Our garage shelving in Lansing is very beneficial to those who do not know what to do with the countless boxes or bins that they have lying on their garage floor. Get your boxes and bins up and out of the way with our excellent garage shelving in Lansing.

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Need to make more room in your garage? You may even be able to start parking the family vehicle where it belongs with our help. Give us a call today and we’ll put you on the path to storage success.

Garage Shelving Lansing Tool

Garage Shelving Lansing Bike Rack

Monkey Bars Shelving and Accessories

Our shelving and accessories offered to Lansing families makes life a little easier. Your day is always better with an organized garage.

Small Sports Bags:  This accessory is perfect for tennis balls and other small sporting items. This can be placed anywhere.

Large Sports Bags: This bag is made for basketballs, footballs, soccer balls and other large sporting equipment.

Hanging Hooks: Not everything that you store needs to be on a shelf. Hanging hooks are a great way to get things off the floor. With a wide variety of hooks available, there are few things that can’t be hung.

Bike Rack: Get all of the family bikes off of the floor with the Monkey Bars bike rack! Its easy to use and quick to install.

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Garage Shelving Lansing Makeover

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Monkey Bars Garage Systems was the solution for three featured homes tackled on the recently aired TV Show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Find out how you can get your Extreme Garage Makeover today.

Extreme Home Makeover:

  • Pocatello, ID
  • Moorhead, MN
  • Wichita, KS

We Strive to Meet Your Storage Needs

We are here to help with your organization and storage needs. Monkey Bars is committed to providing you with the right garage shelving solutions that will fit your needs.

Garage storage and organization services come as a top priority. We provide our customers with the best garage storage systems possible.

The Benefits of Monkey Bars Shelving

Compact: Monkey Bars provides your garage shelving in Lansing less than the third of the size of the storage space than other popular storage systems.

User Friendly: There is no easier system to use. Our system is simple to set up and adjust as your storage needs change.

Off the Ground: The entire system holds everything off of the ground. This keeps your things dry and undamaged.

Layer System: Our garage shelving in Lansing allows items to be stacked on top of each other, this makes the most of the space given.

Garage Shelving Lansing Makeover  16
16″ deep garage shelving

  • 6 adjustable Monkey Bar positions
Garage Shelving Lansing Makeover 24
24″ deep garage shelving

  • 10 adjustable Monkey Bar positions
Garage Shelving Lansing Makeover 12
12″ drop down shelving

  • Choose 1 to 5 tiers
  • Shelves 12” deep x 40” long

Garage Shelving Lansing 24 inverted
24″ garage inverted shelving

  • Goes over windows & doors
Garage Shelving Lansing Workbench
Garage Work Bench

  • Custom to your height
  • Hang tools underneath on Monkey Bar
Garage Shelving Lansing Workbench light maple
Garage Sitting Bench

  • Custom to your height

Garage Shelving Lansing Hand
Monkey Bars

  • Snaps in and out
  • 2 sizes for convenience 35” & 51”
Garage Shelving Lansing Hook
Monkey Bars Hooks

  • Hang almost anything off the ground
  • Snap on any of 10 hooks & slide
Garage Shelving Lansing Ball Bag
Sports Bag

  • Large & small sizes
  • Kids love to use ball bag!

Garage Shelving Lansing Bucket Rack
Bucket Rack

  • Hold 1 to 9 buckets
Garage Shelving Lansing Bucket Rack Garage saddle rack
Saddle Rack

  • Hold 1 to 9 saddles
Garage Shelving Lansing Kayak Rack
Kayak Rack

  • Hold 1 to 2 kayaks/canoes at a time

by on May 29, 2012