by on April 23, 2013

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Love It

Love it. Thanks for all your hard work.

Susan Park - Lansing

The Best Thing We Could Have Done

The inside of our garage was a disaster before we had the Monkey Bars storage system installed. We even had difficulty opening the doors on both sides of our car in the garage. It was hard for us to find things because we hadn’t taken the time to organize our belongings. We learned about Monkey Bars at the Home and Garden Show in East Lansing, Michigan and decided it was time to organize the garage.

Monkey Bars was the best thing we could have done to organize our garage. With the monkey bars hooks and shelving we have things off the floor and easier to find. Our storage bins are labeled and we know how to locate items quickly. The staff at Monkey Bars was very helpful and worked with us to make sure that we were pleased with the outcome. We are not embarrassed at how our garage looks now. It looks amazing!! We would highly recommend Monkey Bars for your garage too.

Susan & Jeff E - Lansing, MI

Superb Product

Mike George has transformed our garage with his superb product.  He is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him to every efficient person with an inefficient garage.

Larry P - Lansing, MI

Everything Off The Ground

Thank you very much once again for installing the Monkey Bars garage storage system for my family and I. Everything is off the ground and the truck fit in perfect! I know that the system will work for the family for years and years.

Todd W. - Marshall, MI

More Room

We are impressed with the amount of room we have in our garage now. Mike did a great job on our garage!

Jim R - Kalamazoo, MI